SEO & Online Marketing for Civil Contractors

What SEO Principles Help To Increase Website Visibility for the Civil Construction industry?

SEO is one of most important elements for online marketing strategy mostly because the search engines are extremely popular. SEO helps to generate traffic which is essential for business websites. It is important to know about these SEO principles that help to increase business website traffic.


When you decide to create content, it is important to first research about the words people usually use to search. Every page has to be built around keywords that are very essential for you and your business. Do your homework well before producing pages for a website so as to use best keywords for each post.

Google helps in finding keywords. When you begin typing into search bar on search engines, it will give suggestions of the most popular phrases or words that people use when searching for something. If you would like to take it a step further, you may use the tool called Keyword Planner. It tells the popular keywords. You can use keyword planner to know the true numbers of average monthly searches from those keywords.

Meta description

This is the sentence found right below a URL on search page. This sentence is a summary that informs people about what they are going to learn on the page. You should make it truthful and engaging so that it can prompt people to click on your website and learn more. Use words that call people to action such as “visit” or “learn.” Such words engage people and also encourage them to click on your website and find out why information on the page is important to them. It’s also know as a meta element.

Image tags

One of helpful SEO principles is to have image tags.
People have images on their websites. Google indexing sites want to understand what an image is ought to be served up. If there is no image, Google has no way to identify image. In WordPress  Yoast is the plugin  that  gives a reminder about labeling images. With tags, Google can know what an image is, how it should be indexed, stored and when it will bring it up in search.


Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks from a webpage to another and are highly valued in SEO.  In simple terms, people linking to your website after finding value in what you are saying. Furthermore, you need to include hyperlinks so as to give more useful information to your readers and help to build relationship with other bloggers.

Do not just use links for the sake of it.  Make sure that you only use links that add value to lives of your readers. An article can never have too many backlinks.  They help to build more traffic and   eventually, it will help your website to rise up in results.

In recent years, quality content in a site has become an essential strategy of SEO because it is more valuable to readers giving Google a reason to rank it higher in the search results.

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